Born in Victoria, Entre Rios, Argentina

Currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina



Dr. Raúl Trucco School of Fine Arts, Agentina


Firpo’s experience has been in the cinema industry and in the theatre. He has directed films such as “La pasión según Ander”,“La casa fuerte” (Universidad del Cine, Bs. As.); “Azcuénaga, and “Meneses” (ENERC, Bs. As.).  


In the theatre we can mention  his contribution in design and scenography for plays like El Mago de Oz”, “Hércules” (Paseo La Plaza) y “La Bella y la Bestia” (Café Tortoni).  He also collaborated with “Floricienta” (Cris Morena Group), Opera L'Elisir d'Amore (Teatro colon, Buenos Aires; Carlos Palacios director).

y Opera “Hansel y Gretel” (Estadio de Ferrocarril Oeste, Bs. As.), “El despertar de la música” (Producción de Fundación Konex. Teatro Coliseo, Bs. As.), “Vamos al tango” (Teatro Nacional Cervantes, Teatro Colón de Mar del Plata, Teatro Liceo).


Yaya Firpo has been studio assistant to Leon Ferrari in Buenos Aires for many years. He has recently produced his own body of work dealing with migratory themes in geographical terms. 


Yaya Firpo was born in Victoria, Entre Ríos. He studied at the school of Fine Arts “Dr. Raúl Trucco ”obtaining the titles of Superior Plastic Director and Senior Professor in Plastic Arts. Yaya Firpo uses a kind of reverse mapping—meticulously disrupted maps of the world. Every developed nation-state has now been occupied by immigrants from developing nations, and the maps attest to this re-conquest. While the world
burns, Yaya Firpo sews and mixes pieces of flags that could be the sacred rags of an imaginary nation and carefree of its limits, cut and paste strips of planispheres that become multicolored and delusional maps, invent tickets that inste ad of heroes or battle scenes have flies, fish bones and barbed wires. Tear, disassemble and rejoin to obtain a motley set of possible worlds and their possible emblems.


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