Beyond Paper Boundaries: Collective Show

Paper is an ironic material, at once delicate, yet resilient. It is so thin and fine, and yet the content on it can carry so much weight. Paper has been the base upon which we record our history, reveal secret loves, mark victories and disasters, express sorrow and joy. Paper is so fragile, and yet some of our most important remnants of our past have been preserved on this fine material.

The purpose of this show is two-fold. First, in our main gallery we look at the way that artists can manipulate and contort paper to bring actual dimension and weight to it sculpturally, through folding, shadow play, and layering, The act of complex engineering converts the two-dimensional paper into a three-dimensional object. These pieces push the physical boundaries between the second and third dimensions. Artists in the main gallery include: Ariamna Contino, Yaya Firpo, José Manuel Fors, Carlos Gallardo, Ana Meneses, Ronald Morán, Andrés Paredes, Adislen Reyes, Graciela Sacco, Rusty Scruby, and Toña Vegas.

Second, we will introduce our Grey Salon, a space which gives us the opportunity to exhibit highlighted works on paper from our collection creating the perfect setting for beginning collectors.  


Curated by Janda Wetherington