Sandra Ramos and Carlos Estevez receive the Ellies Award 2021

Oolite Arts

Oolite Arts, formerly Art Center South Florida, announced through a virtual ceremony on October 27th The Ellies Award 2021 winners, among those who happily are two of our represented artists: Sandra Ramos and Carlos Estevez.

The Ellies Awards offer funding of up to $500,000 for Miami’s visual artists and art teachers in our community. It consists of three categories: creator award, teacher travel grant and Michael Richards award; to support Miami-Dade working and emerging artists, art educators, and established, professionally accomplished artists.


Sandra Ramos Lorenzo Entropydoscopes Lights – An immersive light and video installation showcasing perceptions, feelings, and uncertainties that people experience in the contemporary world by the consumption of digital images.


Carlos Estevez Cities of the Mind – Mural-sized paintings and animated productions that represent the culture and human nature of Miami’s inhabitants.


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October 27, 2021