Sandra Ramos: Both Sides Now

Curated by Octavio Zaya, Curator and Art Critic

Since the 2000s, Sandra Ramos has become the icon of a new generation of Cuban artists, people who entered the Cuban art scene during the difficult 1990s, when the country experienced a deep economic and social crisis that fundamentally transformed Cuba’s economy and society.

Ramos had developed a personal, peculiar, and singular language to process the enormous tensions that Cuban society experienced during those years. She has posed probing questions through an exquisite combination of irony, humor, and a deep engagement with Cuban history. For Ramos’ work is populated by anthological figures of Cuban popular culture—most famously by her own alter ego, a schoolgirl dressed in uniform who witnesses, frequently with helpless astonishment, how Cuba drown. And yet, more recently, since her move to the US, Ramos has expanded her incisive search to tackle the contradictions and ambiguities within the American political culture. The exhibition at DRCLAS covers both sides of Ramos’ inquiry.


September 2, 2022