Chill: Afro-Caribbean figuration

CHILL is a celebration of the faces and bodies of the Caribbean. We have carefully selected works from our collection of Afro-Caribbean works that celebrate the people of the region and bring to light the images of people and communities representing the complexity of Afro-Caribbean identity.

These pieces cover a vast array of styles, from the hyper realistic to the surreal from the regions of Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica. In the presentation of these diverse works, we reflect upon the reality that Afro-Caribbean identity is not monolithic, and the aesthetics of these regions cannot be contained in a single movement or style, rather are as varied and nuanced as the cultures that come together in the Caribbean. We take the opportunity to re-contextualize works from our collection of over 20 years in a way that is relevant to contemporary discourse on Afro-Caribbean identity and iconography through the face and the figure.


Curated by Janda Wetherington