3 America[n]s: Carolina Sardi, Mabel Poblet and Carolyn Mara

In this exhibition we are delighted to bring together three prominent women artists from three regions of the Americas. 

The work of these three artists turns stereotypes on their heads both in terms of gender and geography. In the United States we tend to be myopic in thinking only of ourselves as “American”, negating the reality of a long history of civilization to the South. Instead we celebrate here the diversity of the Americas, which has been a longstanding mission of our gallery, by exhibiting concurrently Carolina Sardi from Argentina, Mabel Poblet from Cuba and Carolyn Mara from the U.S.: three “Americans”. The way that these three artists work also turns on its head the gender stereotypes associated with women. The work that these three women produce has a physicality to it which belies any stereotypes of the “fairer sex”. 


Curated by Janda Wetherington