Imagine... all the people: Collective Show

IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE is both a celebration of those moments, full of people, full of life, the shared human experience and a recognition of their absence. There are also images of empty spaces, devoid of human presence, this too is our shared human experience. In many ways we do have to imagine a time when all the people come out of our shelters to unite and celebrate our resilience, lick our wounds and look to the future together again.

I recently caught myself looking at an image taken not that long ago of a crowded celebratory scene in Time Square and taking a quick deep breath as I thought “What are these people thinking gathering together so close, so many, and not a mask in sight!” This moment has happened to many of us in recent times, watching old movies, looking at photo albums, and almost forgetting what it was like to live together, as a people, bonding, celebrating, mourning, experiencing.


Curated by Janda Wetherington