Jorge Rios: The Age of the Wind

I am interested in the metaphysical implications of art; my paintings exist as a  reminder of our need for a primordial truth. I believe this primordial truth cannot be fully  understood through reason or logic, but through a more intuitive, emotional and  sensorial process such as the one the aesthetic experience provides. 

Pan American Art Projects is pleased to announce The Age of the Wind, a solo show of Cuban-born artist Jorge Rios. We will be presenting a new body of work, with several paintings and watercolors. The show opens on May 1st and closes on July 10th. 

The artist describes these paintings as composed of two main elements: “Nature as a metaphor for the substantive real world and text as a symbol for knowledge. The paradox of describing natural phenomena – that not only precede humanity but are by definition untraceable – is a metaphor to our contradictory instinct of understanding the universe and the narrow limits of this understanding. The structure of  the text is always the same grandiose phrase This was the first… This intentional repetition acts as an echo to the repetitive rhetoric and language structure common in religious narratives.”

Jorge Rios’s work transcends the flatness of ordinary visual language reaching the subtlety, ambivalence and complexity that we perceive more clearly in other art forms such as music or poetry. Rios tries to establish through his art a link between the individual experience of reality and the totality of existence. 

He currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.


Curated by PAAP team