What we see in the skyline

Behind the curtain

For this Saturday we are presenting the work of a Cuban artist who bases his compositions on constructed images or as the reading method used by surrealists to see something surreal in reality: the Paranoiac Critical method. This was a sensibility, or way of perceiving reality that was developed by Salvador Dalí. It was defined by Dalí himself as "irrational knowledge" based on a "delirium of interpretation". More simply put, it was a process by which the artist found new and unique ways to view the world around him. It is the ability of the artist or the viewer to perceive multiple images within the same configuration. The concept can be compared to Max Ernst's frottage or Leonardo da Vinci's scribbling and drawings. As a matter of fact, all of us have practiced the Paranoid Critical Method when gazing at stucco on a wall, or clouds in the sky, and seeing different shapes and visages therein.  

In "Urban Crucifixion", by artist Rudy Rubio from Trinidad, Cuba, the arms of Jesus on the cross carry the weight of urban structures, which have the same color as the crown of thorns on his head, and must bring him as much pain. Clearly, that weight, coupled with the crown and nails, continue to be too much for his human body. 


Abril 16, 2022