Kearney’s installations, paintings,  curatorial projects,  and writing are entangled with notions of impermanence, invisibility, vulnerability, and the unintended consequences of being human. 
Her favorite word is anosognosia, or not knowing what we do not know. If she is not laboring to make sense of this unhinged, confounding moment, she is launching communal celebrations or building miniature galleries with objects secreted inside of walls.
Jill Kearney is a writer, visual artist, arts administrator, and curator.
As a child, she spent many formative summers in Provincetown, Mass, where local arts institutions anchored a diverse community of artists, writers, and fishermen. Her parents founded The Contemporary Art Workshop, an art center housed in a rambling former dairy factory in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Harvard with a degree in English and Creative Writing, worked in Hollywood as a creative executive at Francis Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios, served as west coast editor of American Film and Premiere Magazine, and later ran the Tribeca Film Center-based offices of Los Angeles film producer Art Linson. From 2000 to 2015 she produced theater, dance, and literary events in a cavernous unheated barn in Bucks County PA, where she developed a deep appreciation for the practice of art as a collaborative enterprise. In 2016 she founded Frenchtown, New Jersey-based ArtYard, an alternative contemporary art center, residency, and theater, with her creative partner Elsa Mora.

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