My work is motivated by the reconstruction of animals, objects and organic forms. It speaks of a common thread that connects, in most cases, each one of the works that I create.

My work is focused, especially, around a deep love for painting. Painting is for me, a way of expression, my language and discourse. I build a personal universe in my work that results from my thoughts, aspirations, fantasies and also, of course, from direct dialogue with my circumstances.

I am greatly interested in the reconstruction of animals, objects and organic forms. These elements, in a symbolic way, establish a common thread that connects all my works in the same horizon, stimulating winks, associations and complicity between some pieces and others. I am very interested in the narrative sense of the work and its (metaphorical) correlations with life itself. For me, painting is a state of emotion, a state of consciousness, a way, if you will, of saying things. I like that the pictorial work, the pictorial material, in their full realization and expansion, speak for themselves: that they themselves be capable of narrating their story, of revealing the reasons —intellectual or emotional— that push them to exist as verifiable facts, as a tangible reality.

The theatrical and scenographic dimensions interest me profoundly. It is from that place that the work itself seems to be the “metaphoric illustration" of a tale, or reality itself, passed through the sieve of my subjectivity. Despite the substantial differences between one work and another, like in a dramaturgical text a close relationship is woven between all of them that speaks all the time of the landscape, of fiction, of the juxtaposition of elements —as in a collage— and of the inescapably human need to try to understand the contrasting and fascinating realities of this world, my world.

- S. B.



2013 - 2016 San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts Havana, Cuba. 2012 - 2013 Academy of fine Arts Eduardo Abela, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.



2016 – 2019 Fine Arts professor San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts Havana, Cuba.



2016 20 Segundos de Puesta de Sol, K-51, Open Studio, Havana, Cuba



2019 Galeria Taller Gorria, GTG.

2018 Unanime Presencia, XXX Anniversary of Casa de las Americas Benito Juarez.

2017 Hommage, French Alliance.

2017 XIV Panorama Salon, Galeria Wilfredo Lam. First Prize. August 2017 – El Oficio, Revista de arte y literatura Magazine

2017 El Oficio, Revista de arte y literatura Magazine

2017 Humo Blanco, Ludwig of Cuba Foundation.

2017 Anatomia del Cambio, Galeria Angerona, Artemisa.

2016 Arts Palace Napoles, PAN, Italia, Paloma Art Project. First Prize.

2016 Espacio Altamira.

2016 Ludwig of Cuba Foundation.

2015 XII Havana Biennial.

2014 Pabellon Cuba.



Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), Miami, FL, USA.

Jorge M. Perez Collection, Miami, FL, USA.

El Oficio: Revista de Arte y Literatura Magazine Collection, Havana, Cuba.



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