Born in Havana, Cuba, 1987. In 2002 was admitted to the renowned National Academy of Fine Art "San Alejandro". The common presence of political propaganda in Cuba made him perceive and embrace the role of the artist as communicator, but in his own aesthetic and political terms. That growing interest led him to choose Printmaking as his Major, but his education at the prestigious institution was interrupted when he emigrated to Miami with his family. In 2009 he enrolls the Visual Arts Degree program at New School of the Arts (NWSA) in Miami, Florida. The ample exposure to digital media while studying Graphic Design at NWSA had a tremendous effect in his practice, currently exploring new depths of the the digital iconography of present times.


Academy of Fine Art School San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba 2002 – 2004
New World School of the arts , Miami , FL 2009 – 2012

Personal exhibitions
Black Galvanized Device
Binary Studios, Miami, FL 2019
Butter Gallery, Miami, FL 2016
“Value & Volume“
The Closet, Miami, FL 2016

Group exhibitions
Collabo 6
Fritas Autonomous
777 Mall, Miami, FL 2019
Yon Kayiman Kriye
YáLE Club Social, Miami, FL 2019
Chanel No 5 Miami
IRL Institute, Miami, FL 2018
Chanel No 5
Juan Carlos Alom studio, Habana ,Cuba 2018
“Solid Abstraction: Strategies of Disobedience in Cuban Art”
curated by Aldeide Delgado Puebla.
Miami Biennale.Miami, FL 2018
”Media Under Dystopia 1.0”
This project is co-curated by Rodolfo Peraza and Yuneikys Villalonga.
MUD foundation Miami, FL 2017
(Curated By Axel Void) Miami, FL 2017
“Outside In”
Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, FL 2017
“Into the unknown”
(Curated by Sebastian Schager) Miami, FL 2016
“Cuban Fried Chicken”
MAC Fine Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2016
“From Eden to Sahara”
(Curated by 131 Projects) Miami, FL 2016
“Cual es tu necesidad”
El Arsenal, La Havana, Cuba, 2015
“Friends and Family II” 2 Alas
Product 81, Miami FL, 2014
“1994” 2 Alas
Miami, FL 2014
“The production line” 2 Alas
Product 81, Miami FL, 2014
“Friends and Family” 2 Alas
Product 81, Miami FL, 2013
“Los culpables” 2 Alas
Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art, Miami FL, 2013
“Sunbird Summer Series” 2 Alas
Miami, FL 2013
“Designing post-communism: Recent political imaginaries in Cuban contemporary art”
(Curated by Gerardo Munoz), Miami, FL 2012
“Parche rosa sucio, fase: 1, 10 negros “
Cristo Salvador Galeria, Havana, Cuba 2012


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