“I have always been interested in inquiring about perpetual and sensory issues. Many times I try to distort and reinterpret an environment through different elements placed according to a space..."

I look for new ways of living, by observing what surrounds us. I am attracted to the idea of putting the viewer as a fundamental part of the work, providing a state of presence, recognition and contemplation, creating a dialogue between the subject, the object, and the environment. I refer to the dilemma between the different realities that make up the life of the human being, the mental and the physical, the objective and the subjective ”. – Rachel Valdes.


Rachel Valdes  graduated from the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in Painting. She has used different means of artistic manifestation in addition to painting and photography, creating pieces of Land Art, Public Interventions, and large-format installations. In 2016, she won the award granted by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Cuban Art Fund institutions, and exhibited a piece in Times Square, NY. Another significant piece is Cubo Azul, which she exhibited at the XII Havana Biennial in 2015. (...)


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