Born in Godoy Cruz, province of Mendoza in 1962. In 1983 he began his studies at the National University of Cuyo, at the School of Plastic Arts. In 1977, he entered the Provincial School of Fine Arts, Dr. José Figueroa Alcorta, in Córdoba. His actively worked betweenbetween Mendoza, Córdoba, Argentina and Mexico, where he lived in the late 1990’s
Jose Benitos work focuses on the traces and of certain thoughts and obsessions. His practice leads him to deconstruct htese ideas through painting and biomorphic sculpture which maintan a highly pictoral element to them. There is an ambiguity of worlds in his work that characterizes his work. Worlds of lean characters, elongated, sometimes monumental, with inscrutable faces, with few elements in the background. Works built with solid materials such as cloth, wood and nails. The particular texture that he uses in his works, produces a sensation of mobility, of weightlessness in the figures.


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